“Let It Go!”

Sometimes all you can do is let it go, and let it be, why don’t you be you and I’ll be me, great song. I don’t want too. It kills me that it keeps coming to this and I keep letting happen. I have no idea wtf I am doing anymore, I’ve let myself become something that I don’t recognize and it’s time to walk away. Can barely pay your bills, who the fuck are you kidding playing in this fantasy world that you look like you belong in, but have no business in! And now somebody else gets hurt and you have to do what you do best and just let it go, leave it there and just walk away, what a fucking joke you turned out to be man. I can’t do this anymore, anytime something good comes into my life  I have to sabotage it because at somepoint if I don’t I will inevitably be exposed! I keep coming back to this YouTube piece called “if you only had 24 hours in a day!” What is me it was your last 24? Would you hold onto it, or would you let it go? Because life’s to short to worry about what you did, you can’t do a damn thing about it.


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