To Her

Those were the words that made it all come crashing down around me! It was from a movie called “Safe Haven”, written by the mother and wife of a man to the woman who will take her place when the cancer finishes its job. It made me think, I have her, I have good friends, I have a hell of a lot save one thing. Yeah me, it always seems to come down too me and therein lies the problem. To her, to him, to my dog who I probably can’t save, to everybody I let down, I wish I could tell you just how sorry I am. How sorry I am I let it all go down like this, how sorry I am that I am going down with it. How sorry I am that I don’t have the guts to pick myself back up this time, to her. I keep hearing Adelle singing “Hello” in the background even though I know it’s not playing. One of those reflective moments in the movie where the dramatic song is playing in the background and the main character gets snapshots of his life spinning out of control. To her, to you all, take care of business, before business takes care of you! Because the business of life has a fucked up way of taking care of what we lived unfinished. I had the opportunities and now I’ve all but run out of time. It keeps getting better each time, but I won’t do what I need to, too hold onto it. So is it gets better on the front end, the fallout when it all goes to shit on the backend is magnified as well. Except this time the elevator might not stop on the bottom floor, the bottom might completley fall out of the mother fucker! To her…..


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