That Total Abject Failure Thing? Yeah Not Such A Good Look….

Worthless is being to easy on myself, in a lot of ways were past the point my friends. I see myself for what I am now, I’d enter the eye of the storm and all the shit I did for a second didn’t seem so bad. On the other side of the eye it’s worse than I thought and that raw raw you survived it bullshit just isn’t cutting it this time. Thanks Russell Wilson for the super bowl and being a really good human being, now politely grow a pair please! Nobody believes you’re not sleeping with Cierra and nobody cares, you’re not beating woman, juicing or getting drunk at games like the USC coach apparently was. But sometimes the raw raw doesn’t cut it and you have to answer why you choked away a 17 point lead in the fourth quarter! Come to think of it all anybody remembers is a goal line pass, but didn’t you cough up a ten point or more lead in that one to? Just making a point as in sports and in life, when you don’t correct you mistakes they come back to haunt you. Love my Hawks until the day I die and while they haven’t been abject failures, I have and shits not okay anymore! Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the biggest abject failure of them all…


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