When Your Drunk, And The Dog Keeps Walking!

A lifetime of bailouts has caught up to me, and now I’m just caught! Fucked like an old man with Alzheimer’s  whose trapped in his own mind, except this trap is of my own doing at my own hands! I have no business drinking, hell I’ve survived things a lot of people don’t and yet I still do what I know I shouldn’t, and now the dog wants to take a drunken stroll! You ever think they know?? This is his way of sticking it to me for not getting home until 10:30 to take him out! Now different bar, different day and still trying to find some place to bury these demons and problems that to this day at thirty-eightI I still can’t beat. And fuck it man, I’m just beat from the beating I’ve taken from dealing with it all, there’s nothing left in the tank! And the dog just keeps walking and it’s the same walk every morning and the same fucking day over and over again, nothing’s changed, least of all me! Two of the hottest girls in the place practically begging me to talk to them and I can’t even wipe my own ass, same people still cleaning up this phony pussies mess, might be time to clean out your closet Mr. Thomas! And the dog just keeps on walking……


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