Still Living In A Past, That Won’t Let Me Get To My Future!

I burned my hand, I cut my face, Heaven knows how long it’s been, since ive felt so out-of-place, wondering where I fit it. I Believe is how the Garth Brooks song goes. It goes on to say, I’m gonna smile my best smile, and I’m gonna laugh like it’s going out of style, look into her eyes and pray that she don’t see, this learning to love again, is killing me. More like my choices as I sit her today just turning 38 a couple of days ago looking back at the shit show that is my life. I can’t even laugh anymore, it hurts too much looking back on my life now at all the should have been me’s that are now someone else’s! The jokes on me Tyler Farr and there’s no use even walking into the bar, no liquor, no drug, no it will get better takes away the pain of what I’ve done and what I’ve lost! I should have started my own demolition crew, I destroy everything around me and now it has caught up to me and its destroying me. No pity or sympathy here, no more excuses when the man looking back at you in the mirror caused all these consequences. I can say a past that won’t let go of me all I want, but truth be told the only one who can let go is me and now the hardest thing in life must be done. Giving up what I don’t want to and moving on because I know it is the only choice I have left. We make our own demons, but when the day comes and we must face them, will you lay down your guns or go out guns a blazing? No matter how bad it is or where you are in life remember this one thing. If your breathing then you’ve got a shot, so yeah I’m saying it, there’s a chance…..


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