Not that hair shit that’s making women’s hair fall out, but rather when do you put this all to bed? When does the madness fucking end? Because quite frankly, the madness is about to fucking end me. The more I look back and the more I look in, the more I realize just what a piece of shit I am. Full of hate and anger of my own doing, unwilling to change and see that my way isn’t working, nope I just keep on running out into traffic hoping I won’t get hit. The problem is I look like a piece of Swiss cheese riddled with bullet holes from the hits I have taken and I’m just not sure how much more I can take. Of course there is that other option, I could for once sack up and do what the fuck I say I’m going to do. Let’s face it, the worlds a pretty ugly place. Hey kids, want to go to subway and have a kid’s meal with a six-inch Jared? Maybe hop on and Indonesian jet liner? Perhaps go hang out in North Korea for the labor day weekend? If there is no God and this is the only shot I get at this, then it’s time to load my gun and quit being afraid to pull the trigger. Everybody gets one shot in this life, guess it’s about time to take mine…..


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