In Too Deep! Like Balls Deep

And I’m not talking about the burying your dick in a chick deep, this shit is serious! This time there are no words to save it, I don’t even trust my words anymore, hell and for sure I can’t trust myself! Yeah, this is the life I chose and now everything I had is forced to choose something else! “One shot, everything rides on tonight, even if I have two strikes, I’m gonna go for it, this moment we own it!” Like him or not, Whiz is right, this moment right here and now, we own or we let it own us bottom line! Everything rides on the decision I make tonight,  we are way past the point of three strikes! I made a really big cut Taylor Swift, but I don’t have tens of millions of dollars and another hit record to fall on, I’m about to fall on my sword! The song would go on to say, “bandaids don’t fix bullet holes, you say sorry just for show and when you live like that, you live with ghosts!” I’m balls deep in it now, tomorrow words won’t save me, this time, the one area I have always failed at correcting, must be corrected or I want to be balls deep, but far too deep in over my head……


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