“All Men Are Created Eqaul! Some Just Work Harder In The Preseason!”

And this is you preseason, Emmit Smith makes a lot of sense if you think about it! You can talk about what you’re going to do all you want, but your preseason is now and what will you actually do? This folks, is what it all comes down too, I think he’s called hip hop preacher Eric, but he says this. “You have to want it as bad as you want to breathe, some of you want to sleep more than you want success!” If you want something, go get something, while you’re worried about yesterday and talking about the work you should be doing, somebody else is out there doing it! The life you want, the life you should have is out there and just out of your reach! You’re not willing to give up what you know you have to, too get it! Whether its addiction to a substance, the wrong person or the unhappy wife addicted to shopping, find happiness, find yourself and give up what you know you have too. Sometimes we have to do and give up certain things that we don’t want to and it sucks! It will hurt and in some cases you will miss it for a long time, but you know what sucks worse? Missing out on that life that we were just talking about that you should have! So let’s assume Emmit is right and all men are created equal! Ready, set and let’s roll into the preseason and get this bitch started!


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