What’s The Motivation!

Who do you believe in? 2pac would go on to say I put my faith in God. What happens when God can’t do anything about it, because your motives are all wrong and what’s motivating you is wrong. You ever feel like you have no fucking idea what you are doing half the time? I feel like I am chasing my own tail and one minute I’m here, the next minute I am there and I’m mad about something but I don’t know what! You live like that and you live holding on to the ghosts of your past and what you did Taylor Swift. And now it isn’t bad blood, but a bad taste left in your mouth that you’re still too unwilling to do anything about. You see, that’s the motivation. That kicked in the mouth, down and out moment when you have that bad taste in your mouth and YOU DECIDE you’ve had enough! No mommy saying it’s okay, no raw raw coach bullshit oh you can do it, no the moment you start to dust yourself off and come back for more, the moment when you make friends with the bad taste. When you laugh at what is against you and you laugh when you hear what they are saying about you, because all that matters is this time you put on your beats, tune it all out and get down to business! So what’s your motivation????


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