“These Games We Play!”

“I can’t keep them all straight, do we mean what we say? We got lines crossed all over the place!” You cross some lines and no matter how badly you want to, you can’t cross back over and now what! All of these games we play, and in the moment I realized it might ne game over I might have lost and January is coming whether I want it to or not! It’s like the games we play Luke Bryan turned into bad blood Taylor Swift, and now it is so sad to think about the good times, because shit just got real! Best line I’ve heard in a long time was for sure Taylor for sure! “You live like that and you live with ghosts! Ghosts that I don’t know if I am chasing or are chasing me! This I do know, it isn’t a choice anymore, all the bullshit ends now! How many times have I looked in the mirror and said that and then continued down the same dead-end path? I’d start counting, but we’d be here for a while and as you can kind of tell, I’ve already got some wasted time on my hands! The time will not come, it flat-out has come and gone! There’s no more time to think about changing or commuting to the situation, my life ends or begins today! When I wake up as T.I. says the old me must be dead and gone or what’s left of me will be dead and gone and there will be no games to play! It will be game, set and match and GAME OVER!


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