The Day I Die Is Rapidly Approaching!

But in the meantime, time to plot and figure out a new plan Stan! Everything has gone to shit and I’ve gone to shit with it. I could say it’s about to get worse if I don’t do something about it, but I don’t think I can say that anymore and look at myself in the mirror. What’s that saying, something about yesterday, you said today and now today has come and you’re still writing checks your ass can’t cash Jack. You’re supposed to be a man mother fucker, you’re the one whose supposed to be handling business, not having the business handed too him! It’s insane this one night stand with insanity that I have let continue on far past one night. I guess if I have learned one thing it is this, we all make mistakes, fix what you did the best you can and don’t carry it with you, that shit gets heavy I promise you! And then I realized, that day wasn’t approaching, it’s here and it’s over!


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