I Was Playing In The Beginning, Got My Throat Slit And The Mood All Changed!

Should of learned a lot from it wasn’t as much a slit to the throat as it was a BLOW to the nose pun intended! As I lay there and ounce of coke done all to myself in one night knowing I should be dead, begging God telling him to stop the uncontrollable nose bleeds and I’d never do it again, I should have learned and never done it again. I should have left it there on the bedroom floor, but I didn’t know then like I do now that life was keeping score! And the scores looking a little lopsided at the moment, life a whole bunch and me a big fat zero! I got my throat slit and I was the one who slit it, but the moods all fucking changed, I think I dodged a bullet one last time and if I did? Bring it on, and you better look the fuck out, because shit will change and I’m talking shit changing on a level nobody has ever witnessed before. Don’t you hate that shit and I’m literate, but I couldn’t decide if it was saw or seen so I chickened out and went with witness! And that’s where the slitting of the throat starts, somewhere small like that, giving up the small battles leads to somebody else winning the big battles and were talking about really winning, not Warlocks and Wizards my friends. I was playing before, played with my future, played with it all and lost, got my throat slit and I’m bleeding all over the kitchen floor, and I can say like every time before the mood has all changed, but the question is have I changed?


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