It Isn’t And Option!

You may have thought it was, hell you may have even made it and option in your head, but it never was. It has to happen, you can keep pretending, but the second you sack up and grow up and quit pretending you’ll see there is but one option left. It’s gotta happen, it isn’t bo maybe involved I heard my friend say the other day. He simply said I have to do it, it isn’t a choice. When you take the choice out of it and realize you just have to do it, it comes into focus! Things behind the scenes that you don’t see right now start lining up in your favor, their sitting there waiting for you to realize it’s not and option and it never was! It’s all there, it’s just waiting for you the last piece of the puzzle to put it all in place. So you’re out of options my old friend, it isn’t a choice anymore life just got real. No more it will be okay sitting around getting high wasting days, the option is this. Choose a life and a chance at everything you want, or there is another option. Do nothing and fade away…..


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