“One Hell Of And Amen!”

“The preacher said he died to young, over there toting that gun for Uncle Sam and our freedom.  Mom and Dad dressed in black, they folded up that flag, handed it to dad and started praying, yeah he went out twenty-one guns a blazing! That’s one hell of and amen, that’s the only way to go, fighting the good fight until the good Lord calls you home. So be well my friend, until I see you again this is our last goodbye its a hell of and amen. The doctor said he ain’t got long, he just smiled and said bring it on, well if you think I’m scared, you’ve got me all wrong. No, a little CANCER can’t break me, my hearts right and I believe we all hit our knees and started praying, he never gave up and said the good Lords waiting!” The thing I fear most in this life is failure, but the truth is on the way too getting where we are going we fail all along the way. So in the end I am afraid of being exposed for something we all do! I know how quickly it can go as I think about June approaching and five years now that my former best friends daughter left us! So here it is, one shot, one Hell of and Amen! One shot to stare down everything I’ve wasted, one chance to beat it and change it all, my last chance! With all that’s going on in the world I got a hope and prayer and why the hell not me, bring it on!


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