Take Two!! Because I Got High!

My bad about that forty word post, my bad, you tend to hit the wrong buttons when your high! It’s not like one is white and one is like bluish-green, yeah there so hard to tell apart. But fuck it I was high, kind of how I have let my life turn out, fuck it I’m just going to get high! Wish I could tag lol after that statement, but I pretty much lost everything that mattered because I got high! You would think this guy would figure out over the years what getting high has cost him, but he just continues to get high. Oh and by the way stupid, this is life checking in and saying hi while you were getting high I’ve been waiting on you! Now flag on the play, there may very well be a baby on the way so what say you now? Nothing, figure every other time in life you’ve been called to answer the bell, you’ve let it go to a ten count! You’ve let it go past the point and you let the mole hill become Mt. Everest every time! Well to use Mt. Everest as a reference, pressure builds up and at some point when it has nowhere else to go, it blows and what’s left in its wake is a disaster! So continue to get high, continue not to care and pretend it doesn’t matter, because take two is coming. And you have two choices, blow this mother fucker up and come back bigger and badder or it all blows up in a cloud of smoke and goes to hell!


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