It Became Clearer When I Finally Realized Who I was!

The smoke cleared and all that was left was the man in the mirror. No more excuses as to why I can’t, nobody there this time to tell me it will be okay, no that well ran dry a long time ago. I can ignore it and let it continue, but look at the state of our world and tell me what not dealing with it and brushing it under the rug has got us? No, it finally became clearer today when I realized I did this I somehow made it thru this mess and now the rest of my life is waiting on me. In truth I am still wallowing in the mess trying to fight and find a way out of it, but quiting isn’t and option this time because quiting and not giving a fuck is what I’ve done my whole life and now it’s fucked up my whole life! And damn it me with my fucking mouth again! Start small, with battles you can win, I need to stop cussing you sound like and idiot and then you start saying cuss words in the wrong situation and don’t even realize you said them. And the biting my nails thing is just gross man, two battles I can win, have to start there, because if I can’t even win a small battle like that, then I might as well lay down my guns now and give up the fight! But know this, it’s your fight! No person, no thing, nothing of this world can beat you, the only way you lose is if you choose to lay down and lose. The smokes cleared and the message is clear, do you like what you see looking back at you in the mirror?


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