“It’s To Late Too Apologize!”

it was a line in a song I heard today, “you can walk through hell with a smile,” that smile is all I got left man I swear! Begging me today, taunting me, must have walked by what I want thirty times today literally and if not for my inaction I could have it! Fuck man, the silliness that has become my life, what a fucking shit show man! Sometimes in life when someone teaches you a lesson and it hurts so bad and you say things about them, be careful. Be careful, because down the road you will be the one doing the teaching and the lessons will break others hearts. I’ve ranted and raved about it, its cost me sleep and years of my life these alibis, but it’s far to late too apologize Timberland! I guess about the only thing left to do now is do something about it. I’ve tried everything else, time to go all in on a shaky hand at best and see how the cards fall. I should have folded them a long time ago Kenny Rogers and picked up a new hand, but we’re too far along in this game for folding to even be and option now. So if it’s to late too apologize and folding isn’t and option, then in the words of the great Stuart Scott, there is but one thing left to do, “fight like hell.”


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