That’s Why They Say Live It

They say it because they know better, they say it because they know that time still is and always has been the enemy. They say it because the last thing they said was have a great trip I love you, then the pilot decided to fly into a mountain! They say it as in my former best friends case they know that a six-year-old girl can be healthy Friday and gone Monday! Funny how they say it and I’ve lived it, yet I still haven’t figured it out and I want to play little kid games! Funny how at twenty-one I lie on a hospital bed fighting for my life with a fifteen percent chance of living from a car wreck and yet I still don’t get it. The day coming up on four years ago now when my phone rang and it was the worst 45 second call to this day that I have received in my life from my former best friend. “Please pray for her, I don’t know why, but I think God is going to take my baby!” 45 minutes later when his brothers girlfriend called, I just said I know she is sick and I’m on my way to the hospital! Her reply, words I will never forget as long as I live, “honey, she is gone.” Not the guy who pissed it all away on drugs, not the lying piece of shit I let myself become, no the most amazing six-year-old I’ve ever meet when the smoke cleared! So when they say live it, you better believe they mean it, because the Kenny Chesney song says it best. “Don’t blink, time moves faster than you think!”


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