Fade To Black, This Whole Things Whack!

Who pays for your choices? In the end it will be you, but in the moments right now leaving to the end, it sure seems to be everyone and everything I care about! Pile it on, I can take it, or T least I though I could until I realized I couldn’t take it anymore! All of the pain and suffering I see around me, caused by me and now it’s me just now realizing all I have done! You come to a point in life or you don’t and I never did. Friends are getting married, friends I was doing the same bullshit with ten years ago have lives and when they ask me about mine, all I have is lies. All I have left now is pain and this emptiness I feel in my chest, make your choices wisely, life moves faster than you think and you lose things when you refuse to grow up, because they can no longer wait for you too! It hurts, it kills me to see what I could have had and that I gave it no choice but to move on without me, and now here I sit in the worst shape of my life, all self-inflicted wounds. Nobody to feel sorry for you, nobody to say that it will be okay, because let’s be honest, it very well might not be! And right now I can’t see a way out of here, I created the darkness, I created this whole fucking mess, many this whole things whack, I think I’ll just fade away and fade to black!


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