When You Quit Giving A Shit About The Why!

It gets a whole hell of a lot easier, I promise you my friends! It’s amazing who you thought would be there and who ends up being there in the end! As I sit here at thirty-seven, just in the last two years so much has changed and now I must find a way to change with it! I’ve come to one conclusion, when you quit giving a shit about the why, life becomes a whole lot easier, the why is a trap game my friends! I’ve spent years trying to figure out the why, why this was done to me and why that happened that way and I have come to the conclusion that I am the why. The why behind the anger, the why behind the bitterness and the why behind why it didn’t happen! The why behind the failures and even the why behind the triumphs even though they have been far and few between! But yet I keep asking myself why this happened and why they did this too me when the whole time I have had the answers, wtf is wrong with this picture man? So in the end I am left with one choice, quit giving a shit about the why, and hope and pray I am right and this gets easier…..


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