I’d Have A Hard Time Looking At Me Too!

i gave up, I quit because it was easier and while I may have hidden it well, when I look into my dogs eyes and the mirror, I realize I didn’t fool everybody! I forgot it was about family, real family and the ones who become family because when we need them, no matter what they come running! I went looking for answers when I created all the questions, so what I set out looking for, I had all the time. A dog chases it’s tail because it doesn’t know any better, you keep choosing the same thing and have known better for a long time! Owning what we did can be hard, but spending our lives running from it is far worse! And I’m tired of running, my lungs are screaming for air and it feels like I’m running on a treadmill to nowhere because I’m still stuck here! And here seems and feels a lot like the end, that’s what I’m supposed to say, that’s what they want me too say, they’re all expecting it to end here and me to end with it! Yeah, I’m having a hard time looking at myself right now, but this I know! “At any given moment, I have the power to say that this isn’t how it ends!”


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