How Do You Block Out Fear?

You don’t, it’s what you choose to do with it. The moment is coming where I have to be bigger than it all or it all swallows me. Where I must admit what I did and I admit no matter how badly that it cost me certain things I’ll never get back, because right now it is causing me the rest of my life! The bad and how it sucks right now won’t last forever, it ends as soon as you put and end to it my friend! You see we all fear certain things, I fear I have fucked up my life so bad that I will never be able to fix it, but that fear serves a dual purpose! It can bury me or it can push me to new heights and some of the greatest thing of my life! You can’t block it out and you can’t fight it, the fear knows you as well as you know yourself, you created it! everrybody in this life gets a moment and everybody has to face the fear, it’s when you figure out what your made off, if you have the guts or you don’t! No more excuses, no more ducking the hurt, the past is done and has been done with me for a long time. It kills me tonight, but what I fear the most is if I keep losing this battle the fear wins and I don’t know what’s left then! Closing my eyes and trying to sleep has gotten harder and harder and I can no longer accept what I have done, it’s about to do me in, all that’s left is what I do left with the fear….


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