A Line Had To Be Drawn!

I’m just better than this, maybe it’s time to start from scratch, maybe one more time it is time to burn this bitch down and pray you have one more do over left. Sometimes I feel like I just want to be a homeless guys dog. They spend all day with their owner, dogs love that and they get spoiled, everybody says homeless people take care of their dogs first! How cool would it be to see a homeless guy with a cat on a leash! No wonder my A.D.D. ass can’t get anything done, I’m all over the place. At some point a line had to be drawn, I know why the ones that I don’t want to be gone are gone, a line simply had to be drawn. You can tie yourself to a ship going down when the captain is doing nothing to save it. Hell, you can’t even hang around that, it will destroy you while its destroying itself! It will say it’s going to knock off the bullshit, it will but only for a moment make it look like it knocked off the bullshit, but in reality it’s just added more bullshit to the equation to try to cover up all the other bullshit! Now that right there is shit, but it is some of the truest shit you will ever read, a line had to be drawn! So then my question is this, are you the one drawing the line this time and saying enoughs enough? Or are you hopping on a boat from Libya to Europe crossing the line and hoping!


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