It’s Not A Want To Or Need Too Anymore!

It’s a have too now! I’ve always done whatever it takes, so why not the fuck now! I’m walking around like its going to get easier or some shit, like I wasn’t the monster! Yeah, my apologies Eminem, but I don’t need to be friends with the monster under my bed, my names Coby and I’m the monster. The bastard who didn’t care, the pathetic piece of shit who let everyone else suffer and pay for his choices. The one who looked good at first sight, but then destroyed lives with his lies, no there is no rhyme to this. The only thing left is the unanswered questions! When their telling you it won’t matter or saying things like it’s just one hit, their lying, it always matters. Everything you do every single day matters to someone and it better start mattering to you my friend, because time isn’t running out, it ran the fuck out the front door a long time ago!  Yeah it’s not a want to or need to anymore, that is for sure, what I must do has now collided head on with what I did, one last push, one last stand! This doesn’t have to stay this way forever, it was only meant to be a temporary struggle, I CHOSE to make it permanent and now I have no choice in the matter, the move must be made now. God I’m so tired of the piece of shit I’ve become, time to get some sleep and win tomorrow!


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