It’s Coming Around!

What are you waiting for, it’s waiting for you! You’ve got to learn how to put out the small little brush fires and not let them turn into infernos. It’s all starting to come back around like I said it would, choices and options everywhere and I keep doing what I do, fucking around with the wrong ones! The chance won’t come around again, toured lucky it came around at all again you fucking idiot, so just one question. Why are you still fucking playing games? You can play them, you can have your fun while your playing them, but what happens this time when the game ends like it always does? Tired of staring at these four walls closing in on me, I did this, that’s all that matters! Who did what to me and how it went down after are of little consequence, I lied and I paid for it dearly. The one I should have married, gone. The one who should have been standing next to me when I said I do to here, yep he is gone too. Some still hang around and see the good in me, but I get no slack!  Time to see if I am man enough to deal with the consequences of my actions and start dealing with things. Time to see what I am made of, because it’s waiting on me to come around and if I get my shit in order, watch out!


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