Unfinished Business Hanging In The Air!

Phil Collins I can feel it coming in the air tonight playing lol. I’ve worried long enough about what was done to me, I’ve got some unfinished business I let hang around that I’m about to finish please believe that! I can have it all and if I can’t, fuck you then I’m coming to take it! I’m fighting for my life man, at thirty-seven years old I’ve created a situation where all I have left is the fight. I did this, what now? And I better figure out the what now, right the fuck now because it’s all that matters, making it happen! Again day in and day out, right in front of my face what I wanted and can’t have! Not because it doesn’t want the same thing, but I keep sitting on my hands so I can’t act! And soon because I choose to act instead of be a factor, it too will move the fuck on just like everything else in my life! Once in his life, a man has his time, it’s what the song St.Elmos Fire says and damn it my time is now. It would go on to say only you can do what must be done! Only you can be the hero in this story, only you can write a different ending, this all began with you and this all ends with you. It could actually get better, if you take care of unfinished business and do something to make it better….


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