A Life Missed!

You’ll survive, but what will you miss when you look back? I keep going back to LT and Jamie Foxx in the sauna in Any Given Sunday. ” You lead nigga, but did anybody follow? Let me tell you something, for every sucker who makes it, for every Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice, theirs a hundred niggas you’ve never heard of! Sure the game has taught you how to strut, how to talk shit, how to hit, but what else? Suddenly there’s no more money, no more woman, no more clothes and no more dream. This is what I’m trying to say to you boy, when a man looks back on his life he should be proud of all of it, not some of it. You’ve gotta learn that in your heart, if you don’t, your just another punk!” Guess I have a decision to make, am I just another punk or am I going to make some moments worth looking back on? I’ve missed so much at this point disgusted with myself doesn’t even come close. I’ve run and hid from it and let everybody else hold the bag, hell there are a lot of people, good people who I have fooled right now! Tired of giving in and backing down, tonight I realize more than ever that what you do today, you’ll have to sleep with tonight. Start paving the road now, because sometimes at some point you run into the road you left behind and decisions will have to be made, how much more of this life are you willing to miss? Okay, attempt two at writing this piece got a little off track, we shall try again lol…..


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