So Your Saying There’s A Chance!

I have the ball with six seconds left down by two, but unlike Notre Dame, I have to hit the shot! Or my shot at any kind of life goes down the drain once and for all. March madness is almost over, my shot to play Cinderella is waning! It’s bad man and everyday I wake up it seems to get worse, but I’m still just that fucking crazy. A little stronger than I knew, I still think I get one more shot at this. All the hurt I caused and all the lies I told don’t matter anymore if I don’t give up and keep fighting! It almost won last night, it had me questioning it, I was doubting myself, I’d just taken to many hits! But that’s what everybody is just sitting back and expecting to happen because it has every time before. But I wasn’t ready before, I kept showing up at the same battle with the same weapons I lost with every other time. I’ve recharged and rearmed myself and I hear you say I’m going to be nothing in this life, but I hear something else. I hear there’s a chance, I hear those winds of change Nelson Mandela was talking about are blowing and I just wonder what could happen if I was ready this time! Get your shit together, because shit is about to go down and together we can change shit….


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