That Sinking Feeling.

When you know that this is the end and you made deal after deal and never kept your end of the bargain! The reaper comes for all of us at some point and what he is bringing with him now looks pretty grim! I dint have a feeling this ends badly, this shit goes down like the Khardashians with the husband turning into a chick and all! Except there won’t be any million dollar sex tape, no t.v. Show and no million dollar clothing line, just the pain from all that you have done! When that sinking feeling sets in and you start to realize your dream and your last shot might be over. Where there’s no one liner to laugh it off, the one episode of your favorite show where the good guy doesn’t win. Life starts happening to us all the older we get and I have wasted so much of mine, I don’t have a clue where to start. Lost isn’t even close to the right words at this point and I’m starting to question if there is a point to any of it anymore! Time to make some big boy decisions, because time is running out on me and any chance of anything. One shot, one opportunity as the song says, so away we go…..


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