The Knock At The Window!

As I gave the homeless guy Money today, it all came back to me, the knock at the window. When I was sleeping in my car, when I had written myself off and the cop was knocking not to be and ass and tell me too move on, but rather to make sure I was alive. Third worst moment in my life, right after the day my former best friends daughter died at 6 DNS waking up with a fifteen percent chance of living when I was 21! I think about that wreck that should have killed me and how I let it ruin my life instead of make my life. I’m tired of being fake, I’m tired of having to lie about shit, not having too but choosing to! And yet again another week has passed and here I sit like and old mother hen sitting on my eggs waiting for something to hatch! Sorry my stiche is getting old and tired, I promise you the one who is the most tired of it by far at this point is me and now I have to go pee. Maybe I’ll get back to you later with something worthwhile to say!


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