Letter To My Younger Self!

“Dwight, Doc Gooden: if your curveball isn’t working, you’ll know how to fix that. If the control on your pitches is off, you’ll know how to fix that too. But you will face a lot of hardship because of your inability to realize you can’t fix yourself.” never a more honest statement made, the last part of it mirrors the last seventeen years of my life that I wasted. One of the top five pitchers without a doubt I have laid my eyes on in thirty-seven years, the things he did at 19 and the composure on the mound never lead on to the white devil behind the scenes! I could say the same thing, and then I ruin their hopes and dreams. I look and sound like everything that you would want, but as my second favorite Hawk says, “it’s all about that action boss!” What you dead yesterday is done and like that Adidas commercial says, “do something and ne remembered or do nothing and be forgotten, nobody owns today!” And I’ve said tomorrow yesterday far too many times my friends!


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