Was The High Worth The Pain Taylor Swift?

Because where I’m sitting, it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it. Cute little catchy tune right? Right up until you look at all the pain around you that the high had cost and what you’ve lost because of it and all you have left are blank spaces. Not ones where you write some cute guys name in Mrs. Swift, no the kind of blank spaces that take your life to hell and back. One hell of a ride for sure, I should know, I was the one in the driver’s seat on the highway to hell! Could be worse, a Afghan woman is beaten to death for possibly burning pages of the Quran and even if she did so what? I can burn the bible I believe parts of that I know was written by man and there not going to light me on fire! To the fuckers who gang raped that nun, I promise you in the end when you are caught the high won’t be worth the pain! I’d like to say I hope they line you up by firing squad and go one by one, but there is the rub. Nobody wins when anger and vengeance is involved, but vengeance and sticking it too someone seem to be our motives in today’s day and age! How many kids in my country America alone can’t eat right now? But the ACC just made twenty-eight million off the first round of the tournament and I bet more than a few of you on that highway to hell with me laid down money in Vegas and would have no problem yelling at that bum get a job! Seems like when were caught up in the high, we forget about all the pain it causes around us. Don’t tell me the pot I smoked or the alcohol I drank isn’t addictive and bad. Those two things have destroyed more lives than they have ever done good and anyone that says different is a liar! I’m not telling you what to do, I’m by far one of the worst addicts with the worst addictive personalities on the planet! But for the two pot heads I know that are doing something with their lives, I can show you a 100 that aren’t doing a damn thing! This is where it ends, it’s finished or I’m finished, the party ended a long time ago I was the only one not paying attention to it and now it’s all falling down around me! No Taylor, I can honestly tell you now that the high was never worth the pain!


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