You Can’t Put A Timetable On Faith!

Sometimes folks, you just gotta believe baby. That down by two with 2.3 left on the clock that tour team is going to hit the winning shot. It’s a belief in yourself that no matter how bad it is sitting here now, you’ll turn out okay, a little richer and a little better like the Jews! You see the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation doing so much good and you see on the other hand Bill Gates feeding kids is feeding his pockets as he is one of the biggest stock holders in Monsanto! Tell me how that works, tell me how that ass clown cares about anything other than his own narcissistic bottom line. I love Paul Allen and that he owns my Hawks, but for all the good he does, he owns some pretty shady shit too! Steinbrenner and Jersey and New York shipping! Right every penny the Yankees were purchased with was without a doubt clean I am sure! Fuck, maybe I lied Nd maybe you can lose faith and have to put a timetable on that shit, because as I look at the state of the world and the people involved in making the decisions, I have zero faith left! Cape, phone booth and an answer this time when they come with their questions, don’t care if it’s me versus everybody, just watch how this shit goes down!


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