The Choice Was Made And You Have To Live With It!

You didn’t even make it a hard decision, but what matters now is can you be grown up enough to live with the consequences? You did it, you and only you let it go down this way, except this isn’t like the reality T.V. Show where ratings spike when things go to shit! No, this was your life going to shit and now you’re more worried about what happened to you than fixing what’s wrong with you so you can get too what’s in front of you. The choice was made almost a year ago now and in that year what have you die with your life? A big fat zero, yeah that’s right, you lost everything that mattered to you and then sat on your hands and did nothing! And now nothing is what you got, and worse you have to line with the choices that were made and now in the aftermath you don’t want too. In the moment you could have cared less, had them eating right out of your hands until it all went to shit and your double talk and excuses got old and people started to see the cracks! You can whine all fucking day long about what was lost or you can go do something about you and find something better! I’m tired of having to live with the choices I forced others to make, I’ve had enough of it all and tired of having to make excuses for it. I’m tired of not having answers to these questions, I’m tired of all of it. Tired of kids not having enough to eat and one day it’s Russia, the next day it’s ISIS. Some preacher asking for 60 mil for a plane, I’m Christian but are you kidding me man. Then on the other hand some other big church scandal breaking out and we do all these things in the name of God and religion and half these mother fuckers in power are the worst of the worst!. Lose and airplane, you can tell me where the hell in the U.S.A. at this very moment where I’m typing this, but you can’t find a plane! I’m tired of a lot of things, but am I tired enough to change? Because decisions were made and now I have to live with them!


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