Still Asking The Same Question!

Have you changed or are you the same? How frigging insane is that? That’s the stupidest thing that I have heard in my entire life literally and I still have the same answer, the same! I know it and I keep telling myself yesterday that today was going t be the day I did something about it! Sad the looks I get now and the people who used to say hi, but when our eyes meet now I see the disappointment as they quickly look away! Everybody used to love Coby, I used to be the life of the party, but the party ended and I’m the one left holding the bag! What are you going to do when shit gets tough, because it’s going to happen again and it would seem that your legs are tired of running my friend! Just a quick little reminder to those who apparently forgot or decided to write me off. I’m the author of this story and while you think you may know how it ends, the cliffhanger at the end changes everything so pay attention! This time I win, this time I go out swinging because I took care of shit, not like a little bitch making excuses and slinging mud! I guess if your tired of the same question being asked and having the same answer, it might just be time to change the answer!


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