Impromptu House Party!

Why the hell not, seems like lately I have been nothing but all gloom and doom and the end probably isn’t as near as the reporter on T.V. is probably telling me it is! Ha, I started this hours ago intending to finish it until bad habits got in the way! I don’t even have anything to say anymore, save one thing. It hurts and sucks so bad when you finally realize something is gone for good. But keep your head up, keep moving forward and new people will come into your life and new things will happen I promise. I promise not to be fake either and write just to write, this post has run out of steam, goodnight folks, up at early tomorrow with a promise to do better, my apologies! I guess we all have those days where you enjoyed everything you did, but something still seems off! Hung out with the dog, meet a good buddy for beers and tourney games and got in a killer workout with a new buddy and yet here I sit still unhappy. And you all were about to go to bed and say I should quit writing this post! Lol, okay maybe I’m the guilty party on that one, hell I’m the guilty party on all of it! So why the hell not have a house party Sam Hunt, because that other song, break up in a small town, yeah she’s a mile and a half away killing me still! In the end, it isn’t her killing me as much as it is me killing me. While it was shitty the way I was done, I did it to myself, neither one of the amazing woman I had and I had two in the last four years wanted it to go down the way it did. I simply gave them no choice in the end! I wanted to have a house party and do what I wanted and I promise you this fellas, if she can’t trust in a future with you, then your FUCKED! Goodnight, we will talk about your future on the flip side, stick with it, don’t give up and fuck what anybody else says!


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