Sorry, But This Ain’t How It’s Going Down!

No more making it okay in the moment, when I know full well after the moment that it is anything but okay! Because nobody gives a fuck about what you say mother fucker, it’s do or quit flapping your gums and let it die! You’ve said what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna do it, but the time has come to do it stupid. I swam with with sharks and it damn near killed me but I’m still here, still showing my face and still saying fuck you why not me! It’s not even about the four pretty girls who talked to me at the gym today that I couldn’t ask for their number because I don’t have my shit together it isn’t about what I could be or what I pissed away anymore, NO ITS FUCKING ABOUT WHO I WANT TO BE AND HOW I WANT TO BE REMBRTRD! It ain’t about the wah wah woulda, coulda and shoulda done something about it, it’s about not letting yourself start where you began. So my apologies for the pity party and the feeling sorry for myself, nobody fucking cares! Everybody has had a bad day, a bad week and a bad year, it’s what you take away and learn from it that matters, so you never have to say sorry, but it’s not going down like this. I don’t think I am anymore, thinking it is for pussies, I know I am crazy enough to pull this off. My boy John who is black and the best hooper at my gym said it to me like this today. “Fuck that nigga guarding me, who wants it more? I’m going at your chest, I’m going to steal your soul and the more you come at me and the more you try to test me, that shit just makes me want it that much more!” YOU are in control of your own destiny, you decide how it ends and at any moment you can decide sorry, bit this ain’t how it’s going down!


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