Maybe God, Life Or Whatever You Want To Call It, Is Going To Give Me One Last Shot To Do Something Right In My Life.

Time to hit them as hard as I can, drink em if you got em, because I got one haymaker left and this all comes to and end. A swing and a miss again ends me, but watch the fuck out if I connect! I get you don’t think o have it in me, you’re probably thinking I’m to scared to even throw the punch. And you know what? There was a time where I would have said that you’re right, but that time has passed and I’m tired of walking around looking at my feet! Time to stand up for once in my life and be a man, quit losing the daily battles I know with a little discipline I can win and they will lead to winning the war! Damn it, some of these could be good until my mind goes all A.D.D. Off the tracks and I lose it….


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