It Might Be Time To Have Some Pride!

It might be time to stop assuming and start doing. You know, like making it ten times worse in your head and then actually finding out it was literally nothing at all. What you want is closer than you think if you would grow a pair and have some Pride for once in you pathetic life. I’ve never really grown a pair. I’ve always just let somebody else take care of it for me and let the cards just kind of fall however they did and I was okay with that. Contentment emails resentment and your life turns into you living in your parent’s basement, guess it could be worse. My previous place of residence was 867-XOI gray 2008 Volkswagen Jetta! See, there is that and there is a positive always I’m sure I’m just having a hard time finding it right now, it’s like being stuck with a four-hour boner! Okay, last couple ones have sucked, my apologies for that. Suck it up check, have some pride check and actually do it instead of just talking about it, discount double-check Aaron Rodgers….


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