I Was Embarased Because Of Where I Could Be In Life!

Outhouse or penthouse? It’s a choice, hang out with gutter people, make gutter decisions and live in the sewer and that shits only cool if you’re a teenage mutant ninja turtle! Turtle I am not, and the last fifteen years I have wasted have sure not gone by at a turtles pace! I’m embarrassed when I see them now, people I knew before, people who I knew in high school who thought no way I would have fallen off that far! Where I should be and where I am, it’s a fucking joke man, do I even have that one ace left up my sleeve that I keep talking about? Worse, what if it turns out to be a king? What if I really was embarrassed knocked off this back and forth nursery rhyme woah is me bullshit and realized I’m still lucky enough to have a chance to do something about it. What if I quit being a politician and lying to their faces and I did it for the right reason without motives behind it! What if I quit feeling sorry for myself and looked in the mirror and thought how fucking embarrassed you have let all this become! Oh wait, I just did… Last ride, all aboard ride or die remember!


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