Mistakes You Can’t Recover From!

T.I. says no mistake is too great to recover and bounce back, try bouncing back from about 15 years of them then get back to me! They say recovery is a lifetime thing, they say something like 80 plus percent of people who use Heroin don’t recover, yes there are mistakes you can’t recover from. I’ve made many I shouldnt have recovered from, hell I’m probably still without a doubt trying right now to recover from some of them. But ill keep trying, I can’t say this loud enough, the worst thing you can do is lie down and quit fighting. I won’t ever let it show, it has taken just about everything that mattered, it has buried me in a hole that again five feet in front of me tonight was everything I want and couldn’t have, I could smell that shit man! It also made the biggest mistake you can, it left business unfinished that I fully intend to finish! It looked me in the eye when I was down and kicked me as hard as it could and you should have seen the look on its face when I took its best shot and came back for more! How much can you deal with before you finally give up? Some mistakes you can’t recover from, some you recover from that you shouldn’t and someday soon because I never gave up, it won’t be for revenge or anger, ive given that up! It won’t be to kick them while they are down, it will be to prove one fact, I survived and I wasn’t as bad as they tried to say I was! Bet they never made any mistakes either….


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