Hottest Of The Hottest Squirels!

Pretty on the outside, ugly on the inside. Looks down their nose and judges, chants on a frat bus in 2015 about hanging them in tress, must be nice to be one of the cool white kids, oh wait I am! One of the guys not getting shot, but wait, because a few cops who hsbe a split second to make a decision made a bad one, let’s start ambushing cops, yeah that makes about as much sense as leaving the Middle East to early and unstable! Guess I thought somewhere that we are all chasing the same nut, man I must have been nuts to think that, the hottest of the hottest squirrels obviously have it better! Don’t believe me? A good-looking person will get double the changes a fat person will, meanwhile at the gym, the hottest of the hottest squirrels state at the fat person and then turn away and whisper! Politely fuck you sir, at least their trying to fix their problem, you’re just part of the problem! I’ve made a decision, I have to be better and for years I have listened to a 2Pac song where he says, “I don’t want to change the world, but I want to spark the mind that does!” Consider it sparked Mr. Shakur, the hottest of the hottest squirrels usually turn out to be the ugliest people. And whose got time for that shit? I’ve got a world to change….


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