“At Any Given Moment, You Have The Power To Say This Is Not How It Ends!”

You, not mommy or daddy, not the Easter Bunny, not even God himself as powerful as he is. I didn’t just taste it tonight, I was close enough to smell it, get a real long whiff at what it could be like, then someone dropped a weight and it was snap back to reality! It was you can’t have that and you haven’t done the work for that, how could you possibly think you can have or deserve that! That was the moment where I said fuck you life, that was the moment I decided I could change it all, that was the moment I came up with a plan! Not the plan I had, not some pipe dream, but a plan if I put a little action behind it that could possibly work. Why not? What happens if I fail again and fall flat on my face? Get the fuck back up, because at any given moment you have the power to say that this isn’t how it ends!


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