Fag On The Play!

My bad, I push a button? Perhaps I said something I shouldn’t have? What it’s not like it’s the American way or anything, seems to be who can out garbage who! Who can sling the most mud and who can talk the most shit! But what the hell while there’s a fag on the play, why not take a few shots at that big guy in the sky that I believe in! Yeah you up there, Mr holier than thou who can do no wrong, you take a look around lately pal? Because in case you haven’t there’s a whole lot of wrong going on my old friend! Why don’t the ones who do the dirt have to pay? I’ve pissed away thirty seven years while my best friend Gus my yellow lab and my former best friends daughter both got six, riddle me that one pal! I’m getting a little tired of the preacher man telling me to hold on and it will get better and fag on the play partner, day in and day out it seems to get worse! Does it even matter anymore if I change and try to do right? It sure doesn’t seem like it anymore, so flag on the play, we quit giving a shit about each other and as long as we’re okay rhats all that matters! So flag on the play on all of us, the next to you say something’s gay, or call your black friend bro and then in the next breath call the kid with the saggy pants nigger, the flag will be on you! It’s not how you live in the moment when all eyes are on you, the moment passes. It’s what you do when there’s nobody around to watch, is there a flag on the play, or are you tired of your life being gay…… No gay or lesbian persons were harmed during this post!


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