How The Mighty Have Fallen!

I guess I would have to include myself in that mix and now thinking what my bad decisions have cost me! I ran into and old friend today who I had heard from the grapevine had made a few wrong choices. Boy, what a year can do to a person. He looked horrible, probably how people think I look as I continue to have this one night stand with insanity! Never ending conflict that I can’t gain the upper hand on and I saw someone in front of me today who was broken. This dude fell off, I mean off the frigging cliff and I am betting from what I have heard, he like I have nobody to blame but the person looking back in the mirror! This isn’t getting it, I can’t keep doing this I’ll fucking blow my brains out, what’s behind the happy face I show is anything but happy, it all comes to and end now, all that’s left is to decide how it goes down! Are you going to go out quietly or are you going to go down in flames making sure they remember your name….


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