The Things We Take For Granted!

I threw him in the car today, why not? He just turned six, he’s overweight and that’s my fault, but one day soon I won’t be able to look back and see him hanging his head out the window. Family and friends, now not talking to my dad for two months kills me as baseball season his favorite time of year is about to start. Learning I still don’t want to give up what I should, also learning that I have no choice it is the only way. Sometimes as I’ve said we have to let go of what we don’t want too, if we don’t take that leap then we stay here forever! Did it before drugs and the alcohol, you did it before you quit believing in yourself and you can easily do it again save one thing. Discipline, some have it and some don’t and those that do tend to get what they want in this life. Those that don’t get ran over, passed over and life leaves them in the dust. It’s the little thins that kill and the things we take for granted that we will miss the most in the end.


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