So Your Telling Me You Fell Off!

Like way off, like off a frigging cliff off! Like don’t know if you’ll ever get this train called your life back on the tracks, hell I’m not even sure if there are tracks anymore man. So basically, what your telling me is that I fell off! Your telling me that time is of the essence and I’m running out of it. Your telling me the only reason I can’t have one of those pretty girls at the gym giving me looks is because I fell off! Your telling me my life wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, but I chose to fall off! Your telling me I could have had those kids and solved a lot of these problems I have by now, but I fell off! You mean to tell me that there is no end to this in sight because I fell off? So what you’re saying is that their calling me a pussy and a coward behind my back and I gave them every right to because I fell off! But it’s what you’re not saying that matters and I care about most. Your not saying I survived it and you’re not saying I can still fix it, but that’s what I’m saying! So yeah, I fell off, who the hell hasn’t in their life!


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