Ready Or…

After all I have done, I just don’t want to hurt anybody else. And asking them to trust that I’ll find a way out of this mess is like asking a five-year old to give to their candy! I hate it when I have to act like and adult! Let me guess, next you’re going to ask me to grow up to while you’re at it. Constantly fight imams not winning and endless battle with myself has gotten exhausting. All of it has gotten exhausting with what I have done and I’m not sure if I can continue the shit show long enough to pull it off! I have run all of it into the ground and all that is left is the final act and how it ends! I stand here now and look back on it more confused at thee entirety of it than I ever have been before! I’m starting to realize all the things we take for granted and we will get to that in the morning, goodnight!


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