“The Deadliest Form Of Delay Is Denial”!

Then I must be in total denial, because somewhere along the line my entire life got delayed. We aren’t talking 5 hours late at the airport delayed, no we could fix that, this is serious! This is no take backs, no seat backs and your just about to be out of luck Jack and there’s that Jack guy hanging out again when you least expect him! Gotta admit, the dude does work, you don’t see Wendy, Ronald or the King anymore, but they sure shove that antenna ball in your face. It’s the A.D.D. Kicking in, sorry its late. I have to find a way once and for all to give it up and move on, even though I still don’t want too. I can’t keep talking about it and I can’t keep asking why, sometimes I’m life we have to accept what we don’t want too and we don’t get a why! There’s nothing else left to do man, the holding on to the bitterness and anger and the not giving up the one thing I know I should are what’s keeping me here and as March Madness approaches, the madness that I have let become my life must come to and end! Agh, whoops Brittany Spears, I did it again, what the hell is wrong with me man, get up, man up and show up, this crap isn’t that hard!


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