Real Heroes, They Ain’t Born You Create Them!

And then I realized that life had passed me by! What I thought I wanted, I again can’t have! I rolled around my old neighborhood today and realized everybody had moved on but me! Nobody wants a pot head, even if I have quit now. Nobody wants a loser who at thirty-seven can’t figure out what to do with his life but waste it and cry about it! But real heroes aren’t born my friend, they are without a doubt made! How about you be the hero this time and quit worrying about this or doing it for a girl or that reason, how about you have a little pride! How about you pull this together and figure it out for you because you are worth it. How about you quit writing about this raw raw bs and actually maybe go out and do something about it you pussy! Because nice guys don’t finish last, pussies do and the choice is up too you. If heroes aren’t born and they are made, then you have the chance to play Clark Kent!


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